Friday, 7 May 2010

Why learn practical politics?

Now is the time to learn practical politics, because that’s how we the people will get the government we deserve.

What actually happens after this election depends on a ceaseless dance between money markets, government departments, parliament, press, business, pressure groups, new technology, chance and us, the citizens. There are dire predictions of austerity, savage cuts to public services, double dip recession and soaring unemployment. But it needn’t be that way. Everything depends on political decisions yet to come.

Britain is the world’s sixth richest country. How we create and distribute poverty or wealth depends on political decisions.

As a new government emerges from its party chrysalis to take the wings of power, let’s remember that most people voted for other parties, that it does not represent the country, and that a great deal of detailed decision-making remains to be done.

Citizens can have a more effective say in what happens, if they know how the system works and have the confidence, contacts and persistence to influence decisions.

This blog will reflect on events, social problems and campaigns to learn how all citizens, including the most marginalised and disenfranchised, can have a stronger and more effective voice in how the country is run.

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